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Cecilia Balaur

“Someday you're gonna look back on this moment of your life as such a sweet time of grieving. You'll see that you were in mourning and your heart was broken, but your life was changing...” 

- Cecilia Balaur 

Cecilia Balaur (neé de Vere), is a hybrid, a former half-demon. She's married to Jonathan Balaur, and gave birth to three children - Freya, Kelyn and Jeremy. Cecilia is known for her affairs in the past ( e.g. Tom Riddle Jr,Nathaniel and Henrik Sutherland) , and her daughter with "Voldemort". She's working as Auror in the Ministry of Magic in London. She's the middle child of the de Vere Clan, and was born during the middle age. 


The Middle Ages

Cecilia is the middle child of Henry and Regina (neé Le Blanc) de Vere, weathly land owners from Eastern Europe in the 10th Century. When Cecilia turned 19 she met the Sutherland Brothers, muggleborn wizards, in which Cecilia fell in Love with. 

Regina,Cecilia's Mother, were against the relationsship of her daughter, not wanting to lose her baby girl to a man, so she decided to cast the Immortality Spell, calling upon the sun for life and the White Oak Tree for immortality. 

Later the silblings began to realize, that thier new gifts had weaknesses. The flowers that grew at the base of the White Oak Tree, vervain, burned them and prevented compulsion. The sun burned thier skin, making it impossible to walk in the daylight for them. Also thier thirst was uncontrollable. After the turning of Nathaniel, her parents disappered. Scared of herself and Nathaniel and his brother, Cecilia left her siblings and started a new life in Italy.

18th Century - Early 20th Century 


Having fled the Old World for unkown reasons, Cecilia, sailed across the world. Upon arriving off the coast of New Orleans, she slaughtered all the man who boarded the ship, but left one alive to question and carrying her luggage.


After a century, Cecilia decided to go back to the Old World, not knowing she would met her One True Love in the next few years. 

In 1870 she moved to Oxford, where she met the Duke and Duchess of Oxford and get adopt by them. Soon she became the Countess of Oxford. 

4 years later, in 1874 Cecilia met a Family from Rumania - The Balaurs, including thier son, Jonathan. Within a few months,they got engaged and Cecilia got pregnat, with thier first child - Freya. After her first meeting with Nathaniel after centuries, Cecilia was afraid for Jonathan, so he turned him. Anna, an old friend and handmaiden of Cecilia were noticing, that Jonathan was a vampire and tried to convince her best friend to stay in Oxford and raise the baby with his fianceé, but Cecilia left. Carrying the child of her Soulmate.

" Pour toujours et à jamais .." 

-Cecilia Balaur 


After giving birth to her daughter Freya,she moved to France,where she raised her with Graham and Marge. She knew them for a long time,when she was in London in 1890. When Freya was 4 years old, Cecilia left her daughter, to start all new over in London. She decided to become an Auror and work for the Ministry. During her schooling, she met new friends and new enemies. 


Cecilia in the 1920's


After her education completed, Cecilia got her first big job. She was selected to spy the young Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. She should sneak his confidence and find out information, about what he was up to do. After 3 years of being friends with Tom, the both get closer, as they should. In 1947, Cecilia gave birth to her second daughter - Kelyn.

In a fight of thier daughter, Tom thought he killed Cecilia. Kelyn grew the most time on with her father, after Cecilia ran away again. In the meantime Freya turned into a vampire,while Cecilia believed she was dead. 


During the 1970's, Cecilia employed the talents of the vampire Ed, who owned the music club and bar Billy's, and ran an identy theft ring that secured new identities for vampires.

Personality Bearbeiten

Cecilia was as human caring, suportive and overall a sweet average teenage girl. Initially, Cecilia's personality is erratic, spiteful and vindictive. After being turned, the aspects of her personality were hightened. Cecilia mentions this, saying: "We're vampires. Our emotions are hightended. I'm stubborn, Andrew moral. Adriana, determined. Fleur, is .. just being independent ..."  After her parents disappearing, Cecilia grieves deeply, sometimes crying herself to sleep,calling out her mothers name. Because of the heartbreak she has endured, Cecilia has built up an emotional wall and she comes across as being cruel, aggressive and mean. Despite her aggressive nature, she has shown to be emotionally fragile